Forensic Victimilogy

Question 1

Watch netflix

Making a Murderer Episode 2

Procedure: What was the “gross constitutional violation” alleged in Steven Avery’s lawsuit against Manitowac County?

Behavior: Why would Halbach’s brother talk about grieving and “moving on” in an interview with the media before she was ever even found dead? The video does not suggest that Halbach’s brother was ever under any scrutiny (he may have been; this is not clear, although it does not appear that other suspects were pursued), but would this behavior rise to the level of suspicion if you were investigating Teresa’s murder?

Question 2

(In what ways did the social conditions and legal discrimination of the Jim Crow era deny African Americans

democratic rights and freedoms? Explain the various ways in which Black people were denied social and

political equality under Jim Crow. What role did lynching play in maintaining Jim Crow?)

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