Foreign Worker Population in Singapore

The management of the foreign worker population in Singapore is a topic of interest to local citizens as well as to social scientists. A noted episode in Singapore more than a decade ago provided an early illustration of the divides between the wider community and incoming foreign workers. News reports in 2008 of a planned foreign worker dormitory in Serangoon Gardens led to some controversy, with some residents of the estate voicing opposition to the planned establishment of the facility. The following article provides some background perspectives to the issue: Chin, Yolanda (2008, October 9). Foreign Workers in Singapore. Integrating or Segregating Them? RSIS Commentaries. Retrieved from: the years since, issues concerning foreign workers in Singapore have sparked further notable episodes, including a strike by foreign bus drivers in 2012, and also the Little India riot in 2013, which highlighted the challenges posed in accommodating large groups of non-resident workers in the country. The following article looks back at the key issues in what was only the second riot in independent Singapore: Lim, Yan Liang and Sim, Walter (2014, December 6). Little India Riot –One Year Later –the Night That Changed Singapore. The Straits Times. Retrieved from: workers in Singapore provide useful services and contributions to the national economy. At the same time, there is a clear need for an effective management approach to be taken, so that the mutual experiences of local residents and foreign workers could be improved.

present TWO measures introduced by the Singapore government to manage the issues arising from the presence of a large foreign worker population in Singapore, and explain whether the measures have been effective.

In considering the response of the Singapore government in managing the presence of a large foreign worker population in the country, you will need to conduct research from published secondary sources, such as academic journals, newspapers and relevant websites, to determine what some of the key measures taken were. It is important to cite actual examples that are relevant and applicable to the issue under consideration. You should then consider whether the measures cited have been effective.

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