Ford Pinto

Case Study Questions:

1.  Please identify and explain three different issues Ford Motor Company is facing in this case.

2.  As a consultant, please explain how Ford Motor Company could have avoided the problems they faced with the Pinto?

3.  Discuss the ethical issues that arose from Ford’s stance concerning the safety of the Pinto.

4.  Please perform a SWOT analysis on Ford during the time of this incident.

5.  Identify three changes that you would have suggested as an OD consultant to Ford during, or after production of the Pinto.  Explain how would you implement these changes?

6.  Analyze the cost/benefit analysis Ford used in their decision making process concerning the safety of the Pinto.  Discuss your argument in favor or against Ford’s decision.  Make sure you evaluate both sides of the argument when discussing. 

7.  What is the most important thing Ford must consider for the future?

None Case Questions:

8.  What is the difference between an internal and an external consultant?

9.  Why are organizations resistant to change?

10.  What is the most important element you have learned in this class so far?

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