Food Production

Answer the following multiple questions :

Question 1

If the average person eats 3 kg of meat per week, how many kg of grain are required if the meat came from a cow?

Question options:

1)    60 kg

2)    3 kg

3)    22 kg

4)    12 kg

Question 2
Although both food production and nitrogen use increased, what does the graph tell us about their relationship?

Insert Figure
Question options:

1)    Both grew, but are now slowing down

2)    Population grew faster than fertilizer use

3)    They both grew at the same rate

4)    Fertilizer use grew faster than population

Question 3

Use your SkyGazer software to help you plan another observation. This time when you go outside, look for the plane of the Milky Way in the sky (you may have to make a special trip to somewhere relatively dark to be successful). Then, in a 2-3 paragraph essay, describe what you saw, and compare it to what you think ancient people would have seen. Would you have called it “the Milky Way,” or might you have chosen a different name? How does what we see in the sky compare with our current knowledge of the Galaxy’s structure?

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