Food Ordering Company

Question 1

Delivery food is a Malaysia online food ordering & delivery company founded in 2012 by Penangites who wants to bring conveniences to hungry diners by providing the marvelous delivery service. Our mission is to provide reliable food delivery to diners and at the same time, assisting restaurants to manage their delivery manpower efficiently.

Topic: One day your CEO asks you to do a research on how to establish an E-Commerce web Site for Company.Conduct a market analyst and the CRM strategy by using e-commerce platform

Question 2

What is the difference between classroom codeswitching (CCS) and pedagogical translanguaging (PTrans)? Under what conditions would it be appropriate to use CCS/PTrans? Distinguish between language subjects and content subjects.

Question 3

Historians have disagreed about the popularity of the Nazi regime 1933-39. What is your view about the extent to which Nazi political dominance 1933-39 depended on their popularity with ordinary Germans?

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