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Final assignment due at the end of the exam period: Select from a range of topics on global child development to research and brief narrated slide show presentation of between 5 and 10 slides (with citations). Upload your script that goes with your audio remarks (in case I cannot hear you) and include a bibliography of citations for your project either on the last slide OR at the end of your script (you can use either APA or MLA for the bibliography).

Slide presentations can include PowerPoint, Google Slides, Prezi, Camtasia, VoiceThread or another program as long as it includes slides and audio and can be accessed by me to view/hear.

Many of these topics are mentioned in your textbook, Children, by Santrock. There is one text in the library on reserve if you do not have access to one now.


  1. Incidences and causes of low-birth rates around the world (p. 112, Santrock)
  2. Cultural variations in guiding infants’ motor development (p. 142, Santrock)
  3. Child care policies around the world (these topics may include orphans and abandoned children without adequate care) (p. 214, Santrock)
  4. Immigration and ethnic minority parenting (p. 302, Santrock)
  5. Gender Equity
  6. Early and Forced Marriage
  7. Child sexual exploitation and trafficking
  8. Child labor
  9. The state of illness and health in the world’s children (p. 241 Santrock) (including any of these topics: nutrition: poverty, food insecurity, and child and adolescent malnutrition, child and adolescent obesity)
  10. Violence: violence against children; police abuse and arbitrary detention of street children; children and young adolescents and armed conflict (recruitment of child soldiers)
  11. Education: lack of access to education, or substandard education (these topics may include early childhood education in developing countries, p. 273, Santrock; or cross-cultural comparisons of secondary schools, p. 466, Santrock)
  12. How adolescents around the world spend their time (p. 494, Santrock)
  13. Lack of shelter or homelessness: Refugees (children make up over half of the world’s refugees)
  14. The changing family in a changing social world (p. 297 Santrock) (may include the impact of technology or lack of it on the development of children and adolescents, both in developed, developing, and underdeveloped countries.)

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