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There have been some positive trends in the ownership landscape of American food-related businesses over the last decade. Because of this, you and your business partner (who happens to be a member of a minority group) are preparing a presentation to pitch to a group of restaurant investors on a prospective hospitality project for which you are seeking outside funding. It is important to you that this group understands the changing tides of certain populations within the food community in terms of ownership. Complete the following:

  • Research the trends in ownership of restaurants and food-related businesses as they relate to women and minority groups.
  • Compile statistics about the changing landscape of restaurant ownership, and create a PowerPoint presentation that you can use to pitch to the angel investors on your business project. The information that you present should include the following, at a minimum:
    • Percent change over the last 10 years in the number of women and minority-owned restaurants and food businesses relative to overall ownership numbers
    • Current numbers of women and minority owners of food-related businesses
    • Forecast for upcoming years in terms of ownership
  • Give your analysis of why the trends have occurred and will occur going into the years ahead in terms of women and minority-owned food-related businesses.
  • Write a mission statement that will be included in the business plan that you have developed for this hypothetical project that emphasizes and harnesses the special nature of your minority-owned business.

Your presentation should be 12–15 slides. Please include an APA-formatted References slide for your source information. There should be limited spelling and grammatical errors.

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