Flow Theory

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Based on the readings for that week, as well as your own research, current affairs and/or other practical, real-world examples, you will write an essay explaining the theory or theories chosen and how they can be understood in an applied context. You should demonstrate mastery of the theory or theories presented.

The essay is divided into the following sections. Please answer each question to finish each section.

1. Summarize the flow theory (What is flow theory).
2. Write the literature review of the three lectures.
3. Explain at least 2 applications of flow theory in communication.

This week, we explore flow theory. There are really two areas of theory and research here – one that has to do with information flow or dissemination, and the other that has to do with the experience of “flow” – a state of engagement with a task that can be experienced when interacting with some media, such as video games. Some research utilizes both of these conceptualizations of flow.

Some studies of information flow attempt to assess the effectiveness of media in disseminating information. This application of flow theory still has its merits. More recent applications of flow theory seek to articulate the ways in which misinformation spreads. When you consider the prevalence of “fake news,” “deep fake” videos, and bot-driven disinformation campaigns in political elections, we can clearly see how the proliferation of digital media is having dire consequences for our ability to be savvy media consumers. Flow theory can explain how these kinds of misinformation spread, and show that although media can be effective in a way that has positive consequences, the corollary is also very true.

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