Flexible Budgeting

1. Explain the need for and the process for flexible budgeting in healthcare organizations today. 

2. Describe the benefits of an alert-based decision support management system for healthcare organizations today. 

3. Discuss the ways in which a physician office practice can optimize its financial condition and benefit its hospital partner. 

4. Healthcare administrators need a solid understanding of physicians and their medical staff activities. Explain the typical categories of medical staff in a community hospital setting.

5. Discuss the key information technology (IT) initiatives facing American hospitals today. Be sure to include at least three such initiatives 

6. Summarize the types of details you would present to the board of directors finance committee when seeking approval for a new fiscal year budget. 

7. Discuss key features and functionality that should be present in any healthcare information system today. 

8. For a healthcare facility, explain the benefits of utilizing the ten necessary decision-support tools presented in Chapter 10 of your textbook.

All answers are 200 words long

Berger, S. (2014). Fundamentals of health care financial management: A practical guide to fiscal issues and activities (4th ed.). San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass. 

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