Fire Alarm Systems


As in the last module, you are the risk manager for AVPRO. Your organization specializes in staffing engineering and technical professionals in the aviation and aerospace industry. Although you are currently headquartered in Washington, D.C., the company will be relocating to Houston, Texas. Recently, AVPRO’s president, George Jetson, met with the architecture group that will be designing the new facility in Houston. After his meeting, he has a few questions for you to address associated with the fire alarm and detection system planned for the new facility.

Answer the following questions. Be sure to access the resources presented in this module to answer these questions.

  1. During a meeting with the architecture group, they indicated that we need to install a fire alarm system. Can you please provide some clarity, and describe the actual functions of a fire alarm system?
  2. There are several factors that need to be considered when we select and install the system. Please provide a thorough explanation of any factors we will need to consider as we make plans to select and install the fire alarm system. We would also like you to provide suggestions and recommendations for the alarm system, including, but not limited to initiating devices, notification devices, and reporting systems. Be sure to explain and justify your recommendations.
  3. Provide a summary of the requirements for inspection, testing, and maintenance so that we can begin to formulate a program to address these requirements.

This assignment does not require APA format. Please answer your questions in a Microsoft Word Document and submit them using the activity link.

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