Finance Multiple Choice

Question 1

International Sales Corporation, like other business, has enforceable duties prescribed by

Ethics and the law

Ethics only

Neither ethics nor the law

The law only

Question 2

What did Kant mean by the “Categorical” part to his Categorical Imperative?

You must act legally, period, because the “law is the law.”

You and your company must act in a socially responsible manner if you and your company want to be placed in the “good corporate citizen” category.

You must act morally if the consequences are definitely good for you and your firm.

You must act morally based on what your reason informs you is the supreme ethical principle and the correct moral course of action regardless of consequences.

Question 3

Which of the following is a correct statement?

The legal law ultimately rests on coercion and force, whereas ethics relies on persuasion and social sanctions to enforce moral rules.

Inductive reasoning involves reasoning from general principles or definitions.

Socrates thought that obtaining knowledge was impossible and thus the search for knowledge was a waste of time and effort.

An ethics based on one’s conscience or religion is a very scientific form of ethics since appeals to one’s conscience or intuition as a moral guide are objective and impersonal and not subject to rationalization.

Question 4

Biotech Research Associates asks it employees to consider ethical behavior from the Categorical Imperative perspective. This ethical approach

Allows a person to legally control the behavior who behave unethically

Does not permit individuals to engage in socially responsible actions

Focuses primarily on personal advancement

Forces a person to consider what would happen as the result of one’s action if everyone behaved in a similar way.

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