Fictional Location

Question 1

Write a review for a book written for children (not about children). Use the following structure:

What? What is the topic of the book? Many children’s books attempt to convey a message, lesson or feeling to the child. What is your book trying to say or get across to the reader?

Where? What is the time and place in which this story takes place? Is “place” important for conveying the story? If the action takes place in a fictional location, is a fictional location necessary to engage the reader or to teach the lesson being taught?

When? What age group is your story directed towards? Is the language the author uses and concepts the author tries to teach reflective of the language and logical skills of children in the target age group? How do you know this?

Why? Why did you choose this book? Why might this book be appealing to children? Are there elements of the message or text that would make this a bad choice for children in the target age-group?

How? How might parents or teachers use this book in interacting with children? Is this merely a book to be read aloud to children (or for them to read themselves)? OR are there activities that adults could do with children before or after reading the book that could increase children’s interest or learning from the book?

Question 2

1. Discuss some challenges or disadvantages to implementing integrated curricula. What are some challenges or disadvantages to teaching content/skills in isolation?

2. Many times teachers forget to explain the rationale for learning identified concepts to their students? Why is this piece so important to all learners?

3. Describe the historic and current involvement of government in the education of young children with special needs.

4. How would intervention planning differ depending on the approach taken?

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