Feynman Lecture


1) Read or listen to the The Feynman Lecture on Physics chapter 22 on Algebra. WRITE the most important formula that Professor Feynman discusses.


2) Read the The Feynman Lecture on Physics chapter 21 on The Harmonic OscillatorWRITE the most important formula and ideas that Professor Feynman discusses.

Harmonic Oscillator

3) View the videos below on coupled harmonic oscillators. Comment on what you found most interesting and be sure to explain what a normal mode is.

Normal Modes 1

Normal Modes 2

Normal Modes 3

Normal Modes 4

Molecular Vibrations 1

Molecular Vibrations 2

4) Explain physically why the the two normal mode frequencies should be different and have values of w and 3 times sqrt(w)

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