Federal Pay Regulation

 The U.S. Federal Pay Regulation Family and Medical Leave Act 1993

“Requires employers to provide up to 12 weeks unpaid leave for family and medical emergencies”

 Using the Online Library, conduct additional research on one of   the  regulations. Your research project should be a minimum of four pages and   should  include a literature review. Page count does not include the title page   or  reference page. Include in your research:


  1. History of the Act
  2. Why it was created
  3. How it influenced the area of human resources and compensation
  4. What the future holds for the act
  5. How it affected the employer and the employee
  6. Do you agree with this act? Why or why not?

Your paper should follow APA Guidelines and all references should be    cited.

Cite Work: 

Butler, K. M. (2013). 20th anniversary of FMLA offers mixed reviews. Employee Benefit News (Online).

Gill, B. W. (1995). Tackling the gray areas of FMLA. American Printer, 214(6), 80.

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