Federal Level

1) Discount rates calculate the:

A) future value of an asset.

B) aesthetic value of natural assets.

C) current value of a future benefit or cost.

D) intrinsic value of renewable resources.

2) Millions of human lives could be saved if we developed environmental policies that:

A) control outbreaks of autoimmune diseases.

B) provide food and shelter for the developing nations of the world.

C) prevent the degradation of the environment and encouraged sustainable use.

D) promote the construction of dams and power plants in the least developed parts of the world.

3) Environmental government policies and regulations are applied at the:

A) local, state, and federal levels.

B) state and federal levels.

C) federal level only.

D) local level only.

4) In general, careful and detailed economic studies indicate that environmental protection helps

 the environment:

A) but hurts the economy and is bad for jobs.

B) and does not hurt the economy or cost a net loss of jobs.

C) and helps the economy but costs the loss of jobs.

D) and produces more jobs but hurts the economy.

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