Federal Court Decision


  • minimum of 75 words per question!
  • !.) Analyze the Federal court decisions in regards to the Affordable Health Care Act. Debate the extent to which the Supreme Court’s decisions have affected healthcare policy in your community. Provide two (2) specific examples to support your rationale. NOTE:  You Must answer all parts of the thread.
  • 2.) Analyze the concepts of stare decisions and their effect on health care related judicial decisions. Interpret this legal term in relationship to two (2) health care related cases. Support your response with specific examples.  NOTE:  You must answer all parts of the thread. 


     For   several decades, it was a common practice in Southern California for houses to be built with pools in the backyard (as any airplane flight which ends at a Southern California airport will reveal). Now, however, that practice may be changing, possibly because of the recent demand for landscaped homes, which experts believe help reduce pollution. A recent study examined a random sample of 124 houses built in Southern California between 1950 and 1985 and an independent, random sample of 82 houses built in Southern California from 1992 to the present.

The sample of houses built in 1950-1985 contained 66 houses with pools, and the sample of houses built from 1992-present contained 32 houses with pools. Based on this survey, can we conclude, at the 0.05 level of significance, that the proportion of all Southern California houses built in 1950-1985 that were built with pools is greater than the proportion of all Southern California houses built from 1992-present that were built with pools?    

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