What role does psychoanalysis play in the development of Surrealist art? How does the Surrealists’ fascination with the unconscious and subconscious mind manifest itself in their artwork, including Dali and Bunuel’s short film Un Chien Andalou? Discuss how the original avant-garde surrealist painters work has impacted other forms of art and culture such as film, illustration and fashion design. Post one image example in the discussion board and analyze the formal elements and explain why it represents the surrealist style. The Dada movement has often been labeled an “anti-art” movement. Post one example of art from the Dadaist movement and analyze what major aims, issues, and themes were found within Dada art? What historical event(s) spurred Dada into action, and why? Be sure to provide specific works of art as examples when answering each of these questions. 

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