Fatigue and Depression

Question 1

Patient visit clinic today complaining of weakness, fatigue, and depression. Patient stated to have history of Hypothyroidism and she is taking L-thyroxine 25 mcg daily. New order serum TSH lab. Follow up in one week after laboratory test done.
E&M code 99213
ICD10 codes
E03.9 Hypothyroidism
R53 malaise and fatigue
F33.8 Other recurrent depressive disorders
R53.1 Weakness

All in-text citations and references are written in correct APA format (4 critical elements required). resources 5 years old or less.

Question 2

Research the current health care delivery system in the United States: it’s impact on health care of Americans, it’s impact on nursing practice and education and it’s impact on nursing leadership and management.

1 page, 2 references at least

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