Farnsworth IV

Chauncey Farnsworth IV is a friend of yours, a classmate at University. While you were toiling away at your demanding business courses. Chauncey decided to change his program. He graduated from University last year with a major in Philosophy and a minor in Art History and Music. It appears, therefore, that he has no marketable skills to offer an employer in a tough job market. Chauncey’s father, Chauncey III has decided to buy his son a business. Chauncey IV does not feel challenged by the prospect as much as fearful that knows too little about business, particularly Business Law. You are asked to write him memo about the following five legal areas you have studied. He urges you to give him as complete and thorough an explanation as you can, so he can navigate his way through the legal minefields of Business. The five areas are

  1. Deregulation
  2. Third Parties and Contracts
  3. Business International Torts
  4. Henningsen v. Bloomfield Motors
  5. Intentional Interference with a Prospective Economic Advantage. 

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