Family Collaboration

Question 1

  • Course Text:
  • Wittmer, D. S., & Petersen, S. H. (2018). Infant and toddler development and responsive program planning: A relationship-based approach (4th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson.
  1. Imagine that you are the director of an infant/toddler program committed to quality practices and services that support good health. A prospective parent has inquired about your program’s philosophy and practices related to nutrition. Summarize your response. (Note: Cite examples from this week’s Learning Resources to validate your response.)
  2. Quality programs for infants and toddlers and their families support resiliency and provide families with the strength needed to overcome adversity. Although intervention, identification, and reporting are important roles of child development professionals, preventing child abuse and neglect from occurring is essential. Review the article “Fact Sheet: An Approach to Preventing Child Abuse.” Identify and explain 3–5 essential components of supportive child abuse prevention programs.
  3. Quality child care includes attention to both structural and process variables of quality. Review pages 270-273 of your course text, and then select and explain two of the structural variables of quality presented. Then, describe how each of the structural variables you selected relates to the dynamic processes of quality. 
  4. please cite work from course text .

Question 2

Specifically state how Mr. Potts’s alcohol abuse has affected the children and his relationship with the children.Additionally, specifically state which role in the family you believe that each member of the family plays (e.g. scapegoat, caretaker, lost child, comic, etc.).Explain why you believe this member has this particular role.Based on your knowledge of alcoholism, discuss whether you believe either child or both are at risk to develop an alcohol-related drinking problem and why.

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