Facilitation Demonstration


Taylor and Marienau – Chapter 7

Brookfield and Preskill, Discussion in Culturally Diverse Classrooms, Chapter 7, D2L

Book talk:

Choose one other chapter/article from our D2L list to read and share, very briefly) with the class next week. (theme, main points, possible application).

Let’s Try This Out…

Choose a strategy from our text or from another source of your choosing and design a short (10 minutes or less) facilitation demonstration. This is your chance to try out a new strategy – even one that you don’t think will work. You may use a topic from your practice site or somewhere else. You may also work with a partner (nice to be able to talk through how one might apply the technique you have chosen).

Special Interest Project

How do you relate to the idea shared by Urusa Fahim that her body has a “distinct cultural memory of how to be” depending upon what country she is in? (See page 121 of T and M)

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