External Analysis

Question 1

 The CASE needs to be analyzed is in the GE case.pdf.an external analysis of the industry environment to understand the firm’s competitive on and

opportunitiesan internal analysis of the firm to identify its resources, capabilities, and core competencies;an analysis of the fit between the firm’s competencies and its strategic choices;an analysis of the organization’s design (structure, people, rewards, and processes for decision

Support), and its offshoot (culture);an analysis of the alignment among the elements of organizational design; and an analysis of the strategic leadership of the firm.

Question 2

Prepare a final presentation of your company proposal. This will be a brief summary of your company proposal, which summarizes the writing assignments you have completed. Use the evaluation and comments on each assignment to refine your summary. The Final Presentation Grading Rubric will be used for grading this presentation.

The presentation will:

  • Give a description of the company
  • The business partnerships
  • Company legal and ethical issues
  • Company security concerns
  • The implementation plan

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