Executive Rank

As Newly elected Mayor of Sparksville, the town’s citizens are eager to hear what you plan on doing to promote the local economy while maintaining a high level of environmental air quality.

Write a 350- to 700-word speech for a Town Hall Meeting that addresses the following points: 

  • State the current economic situation in Sparksville and the three choices that were available to the town of Sparksville.                                                                                                                    (current economic situation is: Your highest priority is to bring more jobs to your city of 55,000 people because a large local high tech company recently moved its manufactoring operations to south Korea). ( The 3 choices were Distribution center, hybrid car factory, and oil refinery). 
  • Discuss how these three choices would impact water pollution and indoor and outdoor air pollution. Explain how each of the three choices could be a point and non-point source of water and air pollution.
  • Describe how the air and water pollution generated from these sources can impact the health of Sparksville’s citizens, the local ecosystem, and the local economy. Include some potential solutions.
  • Explain why your decision addresses the key environmental challenges and is the optimal choice given this situation. These challenges include decisions you made in regards to: location of the new business; production rate; infrastructure; and environmental management choices you made in the game.

Include 2 outside references in addition to Gamescape to support your main points. One reference should be an academic journal Format your citations consistent with APA guidelines. 

additional questions are in the video. cannot upload the video cause you will have issues viewing it. This is separate from the paper above. These questions below are opinion based only!

100 word answer: question 1: List 3 takeaways from the distribution centers proposal

Proposal is: People: 250 new jobs that will stay in sparksville. Economic: Employees will help bolster local economy. Environmental: minimal impact to environment- no emissions

100 word answer: question 2: List 3 take aways from the car factory proposal 

Proposal: people: 1000 new jobs from skilled labor through the executive ranks. Economic: The hybrid car presents a huge growth opportunity. Environment: All of us in the car industry are very mindful of the environment impact of our products and our means of producing them.

100 word answer question 3: list 3 take aways from the oil refinery proposal

Proposal: People: 2000 new jobs for a wide range of skills. Economic: Strong history of positive economic impact and community involvement. Environment: rigorous, industry leading adherence to environmental regulations.

100 word answer question 4: which 3 facility proposals would you recommend to the city council? why?

100 word answer question 5: How did you reach a balance of economic, environmental, and political issues in reaching your decision?

100 word answer question 6: Now with the benefit of hindsight, would you make the same recommendation? why or why not?

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