Executive Compensation

Question 1

In a modern society’s decision making, which of the following institutions comes closest to playing the role formerly filled by a council of tribal elders?

a)Labor unions

b)State governments

c)Interest groups


Question 2

In tribal societies, the nuclear family is embedded in a(n)

a)communal group.

b)kinship system.

c)fictional group.

d)extended nuclear family.

Question 3

All of the following are considered corporate stakeholders, except



c)community members.

d)society at large.

Question 4

Why was it a problem for Nestle to market artificial formula to impoverished women in developing countries?

a)The women were barely literate.

b)Clean water was scarce.

c)Fuel was required to prepare the product.

d)All of the above

Question 5

To attract investors and increase profits, corporations do all of the following, except

a)suppress wages.

b)lower staff numbers.

c)replace people with automation.

d)reduce executive compensation.

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