Excel Worksheet


As I am working alone so 4 organizations only, not 20.Complete details in PDF

Guidelines for Working on Excel sheet

1. Copy the Vision statement, Mission statement and the weblink where the information is taken for the
organizations specified in the left most columns in the Excel Sheet provided to you.
2. Count the number of words used in the vision and mission and enter in the appropriate (Burgundy
Color) columns
3. Analyze the Vision and Mission using the set criteria as given against each. Place Y (if yes it is
found in the vision/mission) or N (if not found in the vision/mission)
4. Mention the Core values of each organizations (in the yellow column)
Assignment 1 (in Groups)
4 Marks
Executive Summary Format (300 to 500 Words)
1. Write the names of the organizations and identify which business sector do they belong.
2. Analyze the 20 organizations as what was available in the vision and mission and what
lacks in hem
3. Analyze the values and identify the differences among them
4. Recommend a solution and explain its value.

Explanation & Answer length: 500 words

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