Evolutionary Relationship

 This chapter should describe the parts of Stegosaurus that were originally found and have subsequently been discovered AND the evolutionary relationship between Stegosaurus and other dinosaurs. Three figures must be included in this chapter: 

  1. at least one image of some of the skeletal (or other) remains, 
  2. a reconstruction of the dinosaur as it looked when it was alive
  3. a cladogram that includes your dinosaur genus.

You should have at least two references cited/listed in this chapter.


1. In one or more paragraphs, describe the range of skeletal remains and other fossils (for example, gastroliths) that paleontologists have found and identified as belonging to Stegosaurus. If there are any controversies about identification, problems with preservation, etc…please include that information here. Cite at least one scientific reference in this paragraph.

2. Attach (either physically or by embedding electronically) one figure that shows some of the fossils belonging to Stegosaurus and a second figure that shows what Stegosaurus may have looked like during life. Figures must have unique numbers, captions, reference citations, and be cited somewhere in your text.

Grading criteria: Figures should show a) fossils and b) a reconstruction of the dinosaur. Each figure must be numbered, and have a caption that includes the scientific source of the image. The dinosaur reconstruction MAY come from a scientific website (in which case ref. cit. will be a URL) or from a journal article or book.

3. In one or more paragraphs describe the clade/clades of dinosaur your dinosaur genus belongs to. Please include a figure (a cladogram) and cite at least one reference (from which the cladogram was derived). 

Grading criteria: As per paragraph one. In addition, this paragraph must include description of currently-known evolutionary relationships of dinosaur genus to other dinosaurs. A cladogram must be included, and at least one scientific reference cited.

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