Event Management

Question 1

Damien and Elizabeth plan to get married on the 15th of August. Elizabeth decides that she would prefer to have the reception at home and she hires a marquee from CELEBRATE Ltd, a firm specializing in event management. Their representative, Mr. Smooth, visits them and it is agreed that CELEBRATE Ltd will provide a marquee to house 100 guests, delivery and erection on the 14th of August and collection on the 16th of August. On the 10th of August, Elizabeth receives a telephone call from Mr. Smooth, informing her that the marquee had been used in Scotland earlier that week and had yet to be returned.

In order to obtain it in time for the wedding reception, a special lorry would have to be hired, costing £2,500. Frantic, Elizabeth agrees to pay the extra £2,500. On hearing of the conversation, Damien telephones Mr. Smooth himself and tells him that ‘if the marquee appears on time, you will be £250 better off.’ On the 14th of August, Elizabeth receives a telephone call from Mrs. Bun. She has delivered the wedding cake as agreed, but complains that Elizabeth has yet to send her the cheque for £500. Elizabeth, worried about the rising costs of the wedding, tells her: ‘It is £200 or nothing!’ Mrs. Bun agrees to accept £200. Elizabeth seeks your advice whether she and Damien are required to pay the extra sums to CELEBRATE Ltd. She is also concerned that Mrs Bun is threatening to sue her for £300. Advise Elizabeth.

Question 2

Directions: Read the case study of Rachel and answer the questions following the case study.

Rachel is a 15- year-old Caucasian female. Rachel is a ward of the state and lives in a group home with 12 other girls. Rachel is in the group home because she has a pattern of arrests and truancy that led her to juvenile detention. After serving a sentence of 6 months in the juvenile detention center, she was remanded to a therapeutic group home for a year. Rachel sees her mother and father once a week, on family day.

Rachel has a history of learning difficulties and her case worker reports that she has been diagnosed with a cognitive disability. The case worker explains that Rachel lacks age-appropriate social cues and struggles to make friends.

Rachel was brought into your office by a group home case worker. The case worker explains that she discovered that Rachel has been communicating with an unknown male over a social networking website. The case worker explains that the material that has been shared is “inappropriate” and involves a tactic called “sexting.” There is little known about the online contact, for instance they do not know the individual’s age, name, or true identity.

  1. Identify three follow up questions you have for Rachel.
  • Identify three follow up  questions you have for the case worker
  • Describe at least three indicators/symptoms you would be assessing for in Rachel’s case.
  • Is Rachel a victim of sexual exploitation? Explain.

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