Evaluate the Role of Politics in Organizational Functioning



The effects of politics are prominent throughout all organizations. To address substantive improvement, an effective leader must develop a solid understanding regarding the effects of politics operating within the organization. Make use of the assigned readings for the course, as well as additional applicable scholarly sources, describe, in sufficient detail, supportive references that cite the perceptual role of politics within organizational functioning that involve the following:

  1. How decisions are made in the context of political forces from various employees, stakeholders, and interest groups, particularly when allocating scarce resources.
  2. How bargaining, negotiating, and collaboration are involved within the decision-making process.
  3. How the concepts of organizational power and conflict can be controlled among organizational employees, stakeholders, and interest groups.
  4. How organizational politics have affected an educational setting of interest (e.g., school or school district) and how you could minimize existing negative outcomes.

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