Ethnicity and Sexual Orienation

For this assignment, you will use the following resources.  Review all of them before you begin this assignment so that you are familiar with the content in each.

Please write your responses in complete sentences and use your own words; do not copy and paste information from the source.

1. What role does socioeconomic status (SES) and race/ethnicity play with regard to chronic stress and negative health outcomes?  Which demographic groups in the US are more at risk for health problems, and why? 

2. As listed in the APA page Fact Sheet: Health Disparities and Stress, summarize at least four effects of perceived discrimination based on race/ethnicity and sexual orienation.

(Note: Discrimination is the inequitable treatment of an individual or group due to characteristics such as gender, age, race/ethnicity, sexual orientation, or disability. ‘Perceived discrimination’ is when an individual perceives or experiences discrimination. Perceived discrimination can be at the institutional (societal) level or the personal level and can manifest itself in both blatant and subtle forms. It may or may not be intentional.)

3. Briefly summarize the three goals of the APA’s Ad Hoc Committee on Health Equity that you believe are most important.  

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