Ethics Director

Case Study:

e-Preparatory Academy is a public magnet school within the municipality of Brozon County, Florida. This “A” rated school is the first of its kind in breaking with the traditional format by offering a rigorous curriculum centered on technology and life sciences. Students learn in a setting that is more reminiscent of a café or their own homes, rather than a school. On any given day, students can be seen working on their school-issued MacBook laptop or engaged in analytic discussions with educators while sitting on a beanbag or sofa. Sofia Rodriguez has worked at e-Prep for 8 years as a school counselor. She helps students navigate the stress associated with every-day life and guides them on finding a fitting career path. She’s beloved by the students and has received “Outstanding Counselor of the Year” awards for 7 consecutive terms. Recently, however, Sofia’s personal life has gone through a rough patch. Her mother fell and broke her hip, requiring replacement and at the same time she learned that her husband was having an extra marital affair with the nanny. Sofia confided in her friend Joanne, a technology professor at e-Prep, who told her she should absolutely dump the husband for being such a jerk, and recommended that she take time off to deal with her mother’s situation. Sofia was at first reluctant to take time off because it was near the end of the school year, a time when students need her counseling the most, but eventually decided to take 3 weeks of Family Medical Leave (FMLA). In her request, Sofia explained to the School Principal, Maria Perez, that she planned to be by her mother’s side until her mother was able to walk again. Ms. Perez signed off on the leave application and wished Sofia good luck. Immediately after Sofia started her medical leave, Sofia’s husband pleaded for her forgiveness. He told her he loved her and that she was the woman of his dreams. Sofia forgave him and in the midst of the reconciliation, they took off on a cruise to the Caribbean (the nanny agreed to look after Sofia’s mom). While on the cruise, Sofia posted pictures on Instagram of her and her husband sunbathing on the cruise’s deck and having gourmet meals, along with the hashtags: #newbeginnings #loveprevails. Meanwhile, back at e-Prep, Joanne was hanging out with a few 12 graders in between classes, when she happened to glance at the iPad and see Sofia’s Instagram posts. She showed the photos to two of the students and said “Look at this, how can Sofia pretend to have the moral authority to counsel any of you when she has no backbone or self-esteem? If you only knew what that jerk of a husband did to her!” Later that day, one of the students saw Principal Perez and told her “I wish I could trade places with Professor Rodriguez right now” and the Principal replied: “No, you don’t. She’s at home nursing her mother back to health because her mother just had surgery.” When the student informed the Principal about the Instagram posts, the Principal exclaimed “Oh. She’s such a liar!” Principal Perez immediately drafted a letter terminating Sofia’s employment, which she intends to FedEx to Sofia’s home later this week.

As e-Prep’s Legal Risk and Ethics Director, investigate the events that have transpired and provide the  principal your input prior to proceeding as planned.

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