Ethical Dilemma in Nursing

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An ethical dilemma has occurred on your unit with your end-of-life oncology patient: The patient has verbalized to the nursing staff and to his daughter he does not want to be placed on life support. He wishes to be considered DNR. Before the physician is able to speak with the patient to write the DNR order, the patient goes into respiratory code and is placed on a ventilator and is not responding to verbal or painful stimuli. The wife and son state to the physician and hospital staff they want everything done for this patient so he can eventually get better and be discharged.
You have been asked to assemble an ethics committee to study this problem. List all individuals (multidisciplinary) you would invite to sit in the committee on behalf of this patient. Using either the Josephson Institute of Ethics (1999) Five Steps of Principled Reasoning or the Nash (1981) Twelve Questions Toward Ethical Decision-Making as a framework (, state how you would resolve this ethical dilemma.
Both Josephine and Nash’s frameworks are in the same document at
Submit in a word document APA formatted.

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