Essential Element

Question 1

use simple and clear language and avoid plagiarism. 100-200 words for the whole assignment.

Baha’i Discussion

1. Is Bahá’í essentially an offshoot of Islam? Why or why not?

2. Why does Islam think Bahá’í is a heresy?

Mysticism Discussion

1. What is the future of religion? What will it look like? What will it NOT be?

. What is the essential element that lies at the heart of all religions? Would you agree that it is love?

Question 2

From the two questions below, chose one as the subject of an essay of at least three hundred words. Your essays should draw on a variety of sources as well as your own ability to understand and interpret this material.Essays should be 300 or more words.

  • One of the most important challenges to Western Christianity has come in the form of the ideas and assumptions we know as modernity.Please define this term and show how it has both challenged and transformed key elements of Christianity from the 17th century to the 21st.
  • What are the different ways that Christians understand the word salvation?Include their ideas about salvation within the context of both this life and the afterlife.Also explain their different views on the salvation of non-Christians.

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