Equity Capital

Question 1

To assess your comprehension on the key concepts pertaining to finance, you are required to find an article with respect to EITHER ONE of the following issues below and analyze the relevance of the news item to the issues indicated below. The selected article should be current, i.e. from January 2018 onwards. You are expected to integrate the relevant financial theories based on the selected issues below with respect to your chosen article. The list of issues is as follows:
(a) Bond issue or rating agencies
(b) Financial statements
(c) Equity markets or stock valuation
(d) Capital budgeting of a business entity
(e) Raising equity capital or cost of capital

Question 2

Sometimes students can find the History of Education very boring. One can ask the following question: “What should I do with information of 1000 years ago?” In this case the answer is quite often: “History of Education is a waste of time”. However, it is part of the B.Ed programme for teacher education. Thus, it can be assume that the experts that develop the B.Ed curriculum were of the opinion that the inclusion of History of Education is of particular value for the training of teachers. What will be the reasons for their decision?

Theme: The History of Education in South Africa What is your motivated and argued opinion about this topic? In the assignment you should give attention to the following: Education during Colonial Rule Education in the Cape Colony under British control Voortrekker Education Education for Black people in South Africa. Motivate your viewpoint with examples Indicate differences and similarities in education between above

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