Equal Employment Opportunity


The Department of Labor provides a list of illegal interview questions and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission provides a list of prohibited practices . The courts protects a person’s privacy rights also. The Privacy Rights Clearinghouse provides background check guides: Fact Sheet 16: Employment Background Checks: A Jobseeker’s Guide, Fact Sheet 16a: Employment Background Checks in California: New Focus on Accuracy, Fact Sheet 16b: Employment Background Checks: A Guide for Small Business Owners.

List the three questions you may legally answer to verify employment for a reference or credit check. How might a mortgage company or car dealership verify your employee’s income if you cannot give that information?


Read the following article and explain why employers withhold taxes from all employees (teachers, food service staff, and administrative staff)? Why are employees not the same as contractors? 
Upload your 1-2 paragraph response.


Write a job description for a lead teacher and an aide. Be sure to include qualifications, responsibilities, and at least three essential functions. 
Many employers forget to list physical skills which are essential and end up hiring people with allergic reactions to bleach, sunlight, and the like. It is a good idea to include the following in your job descriptions: Lift moderate to heavy weight (60 to 100 pounds); stand, walk, run, bend, stoop, push, pull, reach, manual dexterity; use of legs and feet, good hearing and vision.

Ability to work with disabled children ranging from 3 years old to 22nd birthday for extended periods of time; relate to and interact with disabled children; operate data entry equipment; maintain records of child’s progress; and engage students in outdoor activities. 
Submit these in a Word document with a title page. Be sure to include them in your business plan and staff handbook.

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