Epistemological Characteristics

Write an essay (double-spaced, 12 point font, one inch margins) at least three full pages long (excluding references), in which you discuss:

• the strengths of open-ended interviews as a way to collect information (10 marks)

• the characteristics of the knowledge we gain from open-ended interviewing (i.e., epistemological characteristics) (10 marks)

• the types of topics that are most suitable to investigate using open-ended interviewing research (10 marks)

• the assumptions we make when we conduct open-ended interviewing (10 marks),

. the limitations of open-ended interviewing (10 marks)

Please consult the assigned readings (up to and including Dunn, 2010) and lecture materials as you write this essay. Material taken from lectures does not need to be referenced. All other sources should be referenced carefully and appropriately, both in the text and in a bibliography. Wherever possible, use your own research topic/design as an example to help you make your points (10 marks). Please make sure you write this as an essay, not as a series of answers to individual questions. Like all essays, yours should have a title. A title page is not necessary, but you should number your pages.

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