Environmental Problems

Question 1

Physical Geography

The topic about: What environmental problems will arise when the Tropical Rainforests is destroyed?


All work (the topic, annotated bibliography, thesis, first draft, final draft, etc.) should be structured according to MLA format. Please double space your paper and use 12-point Times New Roman font. A title page is not necessary, but both in-text citation and a works cited or bibliography (according to your selected format style) are required. Please make a concerted effort to paraphrase information from sources you access, and when necessary, use quotation marks.

Annotated Bibliography

Your paper should not include any “wiki” sources, and other internet sources should be used with care. If you choose to use electronic sources, please utilize the Library online journal selections. It is highly recommended that your paper not focus solely on encyclopedic articles, but also newspapers, news magazines and scholarly journals. At least four different sources should be consulted for your research. Your textbook may be used as long as it properly cited, but it will not count as one for the four required sources.

Question 2

Describe what the future looks like for the Arctic north in terms of ice melting, Arctic species, and human attraction. What are some geopolitical factors that affect the future state of the Arctic Circle, and what affect will these factors have on different countries? What are possible dangers of a positive feedback loop that occurs due to a global temperature rise, and how do these cycles form? Last, describe the possible global outcomes that a receding Arctic may largely influence, and support each theory with supporting evidence

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