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One of the threads through all of Linda Hogan’s literature is that destroying the environment destroys people.  With that in mind, reflect on this week’s readings regarding pollution in Los Angeles County.

Write a personal narrative about your thoughts on the physical environment in our communities. Focus on the following questions, but do not JUST answer the questions. Take some time to reflect and then state your thoughts in full paragraph form.

To what extent were you aware of the drilling in LA County and the issues with the 710 corridor?
How does knowledge of the health impacts of drilling and the Port of Los Angeles affect your view of living in LA County?
What areas of LA County did you notice are most affected by pollution?
What do you think happens to people’s overall well-being in an area where there are many negative health outcomes due to environmental pollution?
To what extent do you think an unhealthy environment affects relationships among members of a community?

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