Entrepreneurship (Sports Industry) Conceptual Essay

A. Critically analyse the significance of meaning to entrepreneurship in the sports industry.

Task Description

Students will write an essay that explores a concept central to entrepreneurship. The task is to fully analyse the concept and relate it to entrepreneurship in the sports industry. To achieve this, students will be expected to critically discuss the relationship of the concept to entrepreneurship in the sports industry. The essay will demonstrate both an academic understanding of sports business entrepreneurship and an ability to form well structured, rational, conceptual argument.

The task is designed so that students can gain a deeper and broader understanding of the significance of the concept, and how it influences the inception, planning, delivery and evaluation of entrepreneurial sports business.

To succeed, students will need to demonstrate an ability to critically analyse the concept, explore and understand it from multiple perspectives, and evaluate its importance to effective entrepreneurial activities.

Marking Criteria

·         Explored and analysed the concept: an excellent analysis of the concept, demonstrated through a sophisticated and very thorough exploration of the concept from many angles.

·         Critically demonstrated the relationship and significance of the concept to entrepreneurship: outstanding insight into how sports business entrepreneurship is influenced and shaped by the concept, demonstrated by highly critical analysis of the concept’s significance to sports industry entrepreneurship.

·         Rationally argued, structured essay: excellent structure, flow and expression; superb reasoning supported by abundant and appropriate academic literature.

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