Entrepreneurial Situation

Question 1

Write a reflective journal on a social entrepreneurial situation:

1. Explain a problem within your organisation/ society that requires you to implement a social initiative.

2. What are your feelings towards the issue at your organisation? E.g. disappointed, anxious, angry.

3. Evaluate the issue in your organisation. What were the problems faced by the employees/society? Critically evaluate the changes suggested by the employees.

4. What have you learned from the situation? Which social initiative do you suggest implementing to solve this issue?

5. How are you going to implement this new social initiative to solve the problem? Provide a detailed description of the action.

Question 2

Interview anybody that you know who has experienced any type of mental disorder (phobia, depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, etc.).

  •  Provide a brief synopsis of the individual’s behaviour and treatment received. Provide a DSM 5 or ICD 10 diagnosis. (2 to 3 pages summarizing the individual’s behaviour, details are presented in theory-free language). Append the interview transcript.
  •  Provide a write up of what you learned about the person’s experience of the disorder. (2 to 3 pages)
  •  Identify the controversies surrounding this diagnostic category. Use 5 accredited journal articles (submitted in hard copy or electronically) to summarise these controversies.

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