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How does an enterprise address the desire for an enterprise framework and how do enterprises know which reference framework to use? List 5 reference frameworks and the advantages of each.

Enterprises require frameworks when they want to implement or evolve their business goals into practical enterprise by communicating, building and modifying their main requirements, models and rules. Choosing the framework totally depends on the company decisions like they want to improve or implement something in their human resource like some trainings or etc. then they will choose the framework according to it. Similarly the framework is decided according the need and point where they need some change.

List of frameworks are as follows:
Zachman’s Framework: for a Knowledge Management Project and advabtage is to used to model an organisation’s existing functions, elements and processes – and help manage business change
Avancier Methods (AM) Advantage is to covers documentation and processes methods for enterprise and solution architects, aided by certication and training.
LEAD FrameworksAdvantageLEAD stands for Layered Enterprise Architecture Development. It is the only open source, community-based EA framework based on international standards in use today. LEAD includes frameworks, methods, and approaches that are integrated with to each other and with maps, models and matrices.
PraxemeAdvantageit cover an open enterprise methodology, includes an enterprise architecture framework named the Enterprise System Topology (EST)
SABSA Advantageit’s an open methodology and framework for Service Management and Enterprise Security Architecture. It is based on risk and it focuses on integration of security into IT and business management. TOGAF
Advantageit’s a common framework consisting of an architectural Development Method and rules for dening several kinds of architecture

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