English Homework

After viewing the Introductory slide lecture, complete the Internet research on the topics below. Post your essay in the Turnitin link provided for this assignment on your findings.

  • Be sure to follow the writing requirements for the course. Review the syllabus or writing rubric for details.
  • Always cite your sources for Music 114 assignments. Be sure your citations are in a verifiable format. They may be in any standard citation style.
  • Make sure all your words are your own. Do not include direct quotes by anyone in this assignment. Paraphrase your findings but still give proper credit by citing your sources.
  • The length of the essays will vary, but minimally I expect to see at least 3-5 paragraphs for each topic which summarizes your thorough research.
  • Each topic should include citations. This is not an opinion assignment. It is based on research.

Please enter your submission in the Turnitin link in this week’s box.

Watch the Introductory Slide Lecture for specific details for these topics. Be sure and write on all the topics and questions posed to be eligible for the full points on this and all assignments.

Internet research topics: 
R&R stereotype breakers – research other rock and pop music stereotype breakers (Hint: Jimi Hendrix is NOT a stereotype breaker. He epitomizes a rock stereotype of the 1960s.) See the intro slide lecture for definitions of stereotype breakers.
The Mozart Effect – What is this? Who are the leaders of this philosophy and what are some of the controversies surrounding these ideas? *hint* Answering “it is a book” is not the correct answer.
Music used for torture by the US military – What are some of the issues surrounding this controversial topic? After researching this topic, what are the thoughts (both pro and con) of the experts on this controversial issue?
Pop music vs. Rock music – Debate has been going back and forth on how to define these genres. Research and write a summary of what you find. Which definitions ring true to you?
Your written assignment must contain all works cited at the bottom of the submission. Citations must be in a verifiable format.
Reminder: DO NOT include ANY direct quotes of any kind in any writing assignment for Music 114. Paraphrase your findings in your own words.

Please submit your essay along with proper citations in the Turnitin link for this week’s assignments.

Apple users: Turnitin does not support file types made in Pages. Please use .doc, .pdf, .rtf, or .odt files for all writing assignments in this course. HERE is some information from the Apple support discussions on converting Pages files.

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