English Class Assignment

Instructions for Submission:  Save this document onto your computer/thumb drive, make the corrections according to the instructions provided for each section, SAVE changes, and then print up for submission.

Exercise 1:  Identify the subject(s) and verb(s) of each sentence. Please do not include modifiers like adjectives and adverbs. Use a single line to underline the subject(s), and highlight the verb in whatever color you like.

Worth 5 points

  • Most experts consider some type of debt, such as a mortgage, financially necessary.
  • However, credit –card debt never benefits an individual’s long-term financial goals.
  • Today even college students without jobs or credit cards can usually acquire credit cards easily.
  • Unfortunately, many students charge expensive purchases and pay only the minimum balance on their cards every month.
  • Graduating from college with a large credit-card debt can severely limit a person’s opportunities.

Exercise 2: Identify and correct phrase fragments (use section 36a-36e in Unit 7 of Keys for Writers, 7th edition, for guidance). In each of the following 5 sentences, correct any phrase fragments by attaching or moving a dependent clause to another part of the sentence, or by simply adding or omitting certain punctuation to make the sentence combine correctly. Ultimately, if the sentence is not correct, you must change it so that it is, but not change the meaning of what is being originally said by adding information.  If the sentence is correct, simply TYPE a big RED C at the end of the sentence (or in place of the sentence).

Worth 5 points

  • Every country has its own musical styles. Based on the traditional music of its people.
  • Having its own tradition as the birthplace of jazz, blues and rock music. The United States has long been one of the world’s leading exporters of popular music.
  • In spite of enjoying enormous popularity in their own countries. Many performers from Europe, South America, Africa and Asia have had a hard time attracting American fans.
  • However, not all Americans are native English speakers. Listening exclusively to English-language music.
  • Perhaps there will be a time when artists can have big hits with songs sung in a foreign language. At present, however, singing in English is almost always required for being successful in America.  

Exercise 3:


  • Use the documents “Overview of Key Concepts and Terms,” “Framing your Argument Using Different Claims,” and the “Ethos, Pathos, Logos” documents posted under “Course Documents” to examine the visual argument “Human Meat” (also attached to assignment posting).
  • Open up a Word Document wherein you will collaborate as you compile notes on this in-class examination of a visual argument.
  • PUT YOUR NAME and time of class at the top of this computer generated assignment. Entitle it “Visual Argument Assignment.”
  • Your response should include thoughtful observations for each of the following categories: 
    • What is the MAIN ARGUMENT being made?
    • What type of the 4 claims is this main argument?
    • Articulate the PURPOSE of this visual argument.  Be sure you word it as follows:  “The purpose of this piece is to…………………………..so that the audience will………………………….”
    • Identify if there are any REASONS provide in this argument that support the Main Argument.
    • Identify if there are any FACTS/EVIDENCE that support the reason (or reasons) being provided. .
    • Discuss the 3 Rhetorical Appeals Used—ethos, pathos, logos—through the many strategies used in this piece by its creators to make impact.
    • What are TWO assumption(s) the argument being made is based upon?

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