Engineering Building

News Article Commentaries – Guidance

Select a current environmental science news story from a news source. Read the article and

consider the facts and impacts.


To provide a critical review of an environmental issue by summarizing the article and

assessing its validity


One-page Commentary – Must be typed using 1” page margins, single spaced, and 12-point font.

The commentaries (Hard Copy) are due at the beginning of class on the following dates, but may

be submitted any time before the due date in my Mailbox: (5th

Floor, Engineering Building).


Article 1 – January 31,2019, Article 2 – March 14, 2019

Commentaries should have two sections and included the required elements as follows:

Section One:

Summarize the article

Clearly identify what is the environmental issue involved

Include the Who, What, Where, When, and Why

Include the date the article was published and the author (a hard copy of the article be

submitted with the assignment)

Section Two:

Discuss the environmental impact on the community and/or society

What are the possible outcomes and/or solutions?

What are the data or scientific facts that supports the article, was it peered reviewed?

What is the Author’s background? Does he show a bias?

How does the article effect your opinion?

Would you recommend this article to others and why?

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