Enforcement Officer

Question 1

Most crimes have specific and identifiable victims but that some, such as the crimes against public decency and morality are considered victimless crimes. Some of these crimes include prostitution, drug use, gambling, and crimes involving pornography and obscenity fall into this category. Whether these are truly “victimless” crimes is open to debate and some claim that such offenses are an attempt to legislate morality.

In your main post, discuss the following:

  • Analyze whether you believe any crimes are truly victimless, supporting your position with at least one example.
  • Evaluate how many of these offenses against morality are likely to change in the foreseeable future due to a shift toward a more liberal or conservative approach to crime.
  • Explain whether, if a crime is considered to be victimless, that would impact how you would carry out your duties as a law enforcement officer witnessing the commission of such a crime.

Question 2

Why do you not commit crime. How much of your reluctance is because the law proscribes behaviors. Have you ever considered the costs and benefits of a crime. Is deterrence a factor

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