Energy Resource Management

Question 1
For this assignment, you will discuss with the other members of your assigned Discussion Group what you have learned about fossil fuels, renewable resources, and energy resource management.

Post a 150-word response to one of the following Discussion Prompts by Day 5 in the discussion area below:

  • A) What are the sources and uses of, as well as the problems associated with, fossil, nuclear, and renewable fuels?
  • B) How have renewable energy resources replaced a percentage of fossil fuels in other countries? What steps are necessary to further the use of renewable energy resources in the United States?
  • C) What is the difference between energy conservation and energy efficiency?
  • D) In the Environmental Basics: Alternative Energy, choose one of the energy sources discussed and explain why that type of energy resource would be a resource that would work in the area in which you live.
    • Are there people currently harvesting energy using this method near you? Has it made an impact on your quality of life?

Question 2

1.How does populism affect the problem of justice in the contemporary world?

2.Analyze the question of Environmental protection through the prism of justice in International relations ?

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