End Users


The Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) phenomenon is changing the way workers perform their duties. Enabling an effective and viable mobile IT workforce requires an understanding of three major stakeholder groups within an organization – the End user, Management, and IT Staff, each with a unique perspective and interest in BYOD. Understanding these various points of view will help provide a broader perspective on BYOD.

  • End users, such as employees, Customers  are primarily concerned with how BYOD will affect their user experience. 
  • Management focuses on accountability for how BYOD is managed, addressing risk, compliance, costs, and other liabilities. 
  • IT Staff is tasked with delivering a functional and secure mobile technology solution, and supporting the mobile workforce once the solution is deployed.

Organizations can prepare for a successful BYOD initiative by asking these pertinent questions from each of the major stakeholder perspectives. Thinking about BYOD, discuss the following question. Provide references and support for your answers:

How could your company benefit from BYOD?


 Discuss and describe the most challenging public health issues facing healthcare in 2017 and current efforts (nationally and internationally) to improve those related health outcomes” (emphasize the role of the health care organizations on this)

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