Employee Attitude


Management of Employee Attitude

Write a 4-5 page paper on exploring the benefits of management and employee attitudes, specifically the manager’s influence toward professional training and development within organizations. How can organizations recruit and retain qualified employees?

Paper must include a cover page, abstract and 3-4 reference. A minimum of 3 references is required for this assignment. Do not use Wikipedia

  • All sources used must be cited both within the text and in a references section at the end of the lecture (use APA conventions for citing)
  • No more than 20% of the entire piece can be in quotation
  • Must be proofread and edited for errors


     Conduct an Analysis of Variance for the following equation: A psychologist at a private hospital was asked to determine whether there was any clear difference in length of stay of patients with different categories of diagnosis. Looking at the last four patients in each of the three major categories, the results (in terms of weeks of stay) were as follows: Diagnosis Category Affective Disorders Cognitive Disorders Drug-Related Conditions 7 12 8    6 8 10    5 9 12    6 11 10  

  Using the α = .05 level and the 5 steps of hypothesis testing, is there a significant difference in the length of stay among diagnosis categories? Explain your answer.    

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