Emotional Milestones

Question 1

The Final Project is a review of one area of cognitive psychology literature. The purpose of the project is to allow you to explore an area of cognitive psychology that is of interest to you.

Beginning in the first week of the course, start your review of current literature and research. You may select from a variety of areas of cognitive psychology and proceed with Instructor approval of your outline. The project is broken down into different steps to ensure steady completion.

For this assignment complete the following:

Do some research on the topic of Childhood Development; specifically in regards to the cognitive and emotional milestones and how a child’s environment can play a role in the development of those milestones.

Your final paper should be 13–14 pages: not including title page and references. It should include a minimum of 10 references. 5 of which should be peer reviewed and within the last 5 years. APA Format.

Question 2

The brain’s interpretation of stimuli informs perception. Two theoretical approaches to perception include bottom-up and top-down perception.

Bottom-up perception describes the perception of stimuli based on concrete characteristics. Top-down perception describes perception of external stimuli based on prior knowledge about their properties. Cognitive psychologists study how and when individuals employ these two types of perception to determine their significance and to shed light on human experiences of the world.

For this Discussion, consider differences between bottom-up and top-down perception.

With these thoughts in mind:

Post a brief explanation of the active nature of perception. Then explain two differences between bottom-up and top-down perception. Finally, provide one example of how everyday experience would be altered if bottom-up perception were impaired, as well as one example of how everyday experience would be altered if top-down perception were impaired.

Support your response using at least 3 references. APA Format. 2-3 paragraphs.

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