Emotional Bond

Question 1

Please just answer with complete sentences, multiple paragraphs are not needed. Also, just fill in the blanks.

  • What are the major competencies of newborns?
  • What are the milestones of physical and social development during childhood?
  • How does cognitive development proceed during childhood?
  • ___________ – ___________ theories of development suggest that the way in which a child handles information is critical to his or her development.
  • According to Vygotsky, information that is within a child’s ___________ _________ ________ __________ is most likely to result in cognitive development.
  • Researchers studying newborns use ______________, or the decrease in the response to a stimulus that occurs after repeated presentations of the same stimulus, as an indicator of a baby’s interest.
  • The emotional bond that develops between a child and its caregiver is known as _______________ .

Question 2

1.Discuss what these authors list as the main contributors to the school to prison pipeline (where the term means students leaving/being pushed out of school and ending up in the juvenile or adult justice systems). For example DISCIPLINE POLICIES that punish and result often in expulsion. What do the argue for instead (e.g. discipline policies that promote achievement).

2. Discuss what you found to be the 2-3 most interesting/edifying/enlightening/surprising concepts or ideas in this article. For example, the “right to learn” and the concept of the “educational debt” owed to students, or possibly the right to language (these are just 2 among many big ideas and deep concepts in the article).

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