Emergency Management

Written Assignments:  You will be required to submit one electronic copy of writing assignment as a MS Word or PDF document (not Apple pages or any other format). 

2) Through an explanation of and examination of the phases of the Emergency Management cycle, identify and explain which phase should receive priority by public officials including a priority in funding and political support.   Why would you prioritize this phase over the others?  You need to provide evidence from the videos and course readings and support for your selection.  The paper must be at least 3 and not more than 5 pages.  Papers are not officially turned-in unless it is through Blackboard as an MS Word or PDF document.  No late papers will be accepted.

Essay #2 video

Expect the Unexpected: Emergency Preparedness The “Phases” of Emergency Management:

Grading criteria for the two essays will focus on:

  • Is the paper at least 3 and not more than 5 pages (failure to make length receives a zero)? 
  • Is your paper double-spaced typed with 1” margin?
  • Did you write in Times New Roman 12-point font?
  • Do you have reference list and proper citations for all quoted and paraphrased material in APA style?
  • Did you include a strong introduction and conclusion?
  • Did you provide evidence and support for your selection?
  • Did you submit in MS Word or PDF (any other format receives a zero)?
  • Did you demonstrate proper sentence and paragraph structure; and grammar and punctuation necessary for a professional paper?
  • Did you answer the essential questions of the assignment?

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